We work to a very simple process, but it does (& should) dig deep… Welcome to IAN, three elements to financial planning, we need to know what (your) Ideal situation is Actual situation is Needs to be done In order to really help you with your financial planning we need you to really think about your ideal and list your actual – simply – what do you want, and what have you got? Ideal Some of the things to think about are levels of monthly income required, timescale or when it is required, driving desires to do something. Actual Your lifestyle as it is today – a mirror to your financial situation. Needs What we can implement to get you from A to I. Below are the Kinder questions, they are a bit deep – but they have helped a few clients really work out what they want from life – our skill is then to help their money meet their needs… Q1. Imagine you are financially secure, that you have enough money to take care of your needs, now and in the future. How would you live your life? Would you change anything? Let yourself go. Don’t hold back on your dreams. Describe a life that is complete and richly yours. Q2. Now imagine that you visit your doctor, who tells you that you have only 5-10 years to live. You won’t ever feel sick, but you will have no notice of the moment of your death. What will you do in the time you have remaining? Will you change your life and how will you do it? (Note that this question does not assume unlimited funds.) Q3. Finally, imagine that your doctor shocks you with the news that you only have 24 hours to live. Notice what feelings arise as you confront your very real mortality. Ask yourself: What did you miss? Who did you not get to be? What did you not get to do?