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Inheritance Tax

For many clients Inheritance Tax is a very unjust tax. Having worked, saved and invested in order to pass it on to their families and loved ones the idea of losing up to 40% of their estate is simply wrong!

We specialise in providing inheritance tax planning and advice to help clients reduce the impact of Inheritance Tax. Using our expert knowledge of trusts combined with our approach to investments we assist the transfer of wealth from generation to generation for our clients.

There are various ways of reducing Inheritance Tax from making regular gifts out of surplus income through to sizeable gifts into trust. Northern Star can provide advice and planning on all of these.

There are popular tax planning strategies for reducing the impact of Inheritance Tax such as...

  • Loaning to a trust, which has the effect of capping the Inheritance Tax liability for the loan, as any investment growth belongs to the trust and is subsequently out of the estate.
  • Gifting to a trust, using a Discounted Gift Scheme, clients can make substantial Inheritance Tax reductions whilst retaining an income from their investments.
  • There is also gifting using regular surplus income, providing it is income and doesn't affect the day to day living, such gifts could be used to set up pensions for children/grandchildren or investing in trust for school/college fees.
  • Regular income may also be used to provide life insurance, which when placed in trust can be used to either pay any Inheritance Tax or create a secondary estate. Creating a secondary estate means clients are then free to spend some of their money safe in the knowledge that they have left an Inheritance Tax friendly legacy for their families.

Inheritance Tax planning needs clients to be proactive, and we work alongside solicitors and estate planners to make sure that our clients are provided with a very professional service and always receive the very best Inheritance Tax advice.

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