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Mar 25, 2014

It’s rewarding for us too!

As your financial affairs are so critically linked to your lifestyle, we know how emotive most monetary decisions can be.

Some recent examples illustrate this:

A lady going through a divorce was expecting the worst of her financial situation as everything else seemed to be so negative for her at that time.  Her dire preconceived image of her future life was quickly and sensitively eradicated thanks to an experienced and effective financial restructure of her affairs. The relief was palpable!

Believe it or not, sometimes too much money is more stressful than too little.  This was evident when a retired widow came to us and explained how, whilst she was secure in her own finances, she was also deeply concerned over how her money should and could be distributed to her chosen charities. Again, providing her with the advice she needed to ensure the best way of investing her money to maximise charitable benefit was an extremely rewarding exercise. She can now get on with enjoying her life confident that her money is making a real difference.

Another of our clients is sadly suffering from a terminal illness.  Whilst his wife usually takes a back seat in their financial affairs, she said to us recently, “Its’ nice knowing someone’s there”.   This really illustrates the peace of mind that sound financial advice can bring – no matter what the life situation.

Whatever stresses and challenges life throws at you, do not let your personal financial situation become too much.  Talk to us and we will find you a way…

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