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Aug 21, 2014

Back to School!

Whether it is good news (you are a parent) or bad (you are a student) - the holidays are inevitably coming to an end....

This means short term and often unplanned purchasing requirements of uniform, pencil case, bag, shoes, etc. We can excuse you this - who wants to think about going back to school until you really have to?

But we must insist that you plan ahead for the greater educational expense to come: University.

Student loans barely cover the cost of accommodation and, according to the NUS: the average cost of living per annum for a student in University (outside London) is £12,056. This breaks down as: £4,834 in rent; £1,956 on food; £1,524 on travel; £2,074 for personal items; £1,310 on leisure and the rest on sundries like insurance and household goods.

So, even if your child is now demanding a shimmer n sparkle rubber band maker or the latest 'Attack of the Crocodiles' lego is never too early to start planning for your family's financial wellbeing - including their education.

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