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May 14, 2015

Property or Pension?

'Bricks and Mortar' has traditionally been the go-to investment choice and recent high profile celebrity property portfolios have shown that some are choosing property over pension.

Ruby Wax, Simon Weston, Michelle Mone, Uri Geller, Nigel Farage might sound like the next line up for I'm a Celebrity - Get me out of here! - but actually what they all have in common is property investment.

Property prices have recently started to rise and with governmental help with new house building and access to mortgages becoming ever so slightly easier for first time buyers, it seems that that property is indeed the way forward.

However, we would answer the question "Property or Pension?" by continuing the 'P' theme and asking another question:

"Product or Provision?"

And, for those of you who like a day time quiz, the answer is not "Can I have a P please, Bob".

The answer is firstly that property should be viewed as merely Part of your overall Provision (see: more Ps!) whilst a Pension can provide for your financial future well being and lifestyle funding. 

Secondly, the most important part of this answer is to get trusted advice from an IFA that knows you and your individual circumstances.

Lastly, do not 'look to the stars' for any financial tips - look at recent tax avoidance schemes as an example of poor judgement.

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