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Nov 23, 2015

Where did autumn go?

The leaves all fell within a week – not really a season any more is it?

I recall long autumns of slow decaying decent into winter. Time to enjoy the changing colour palette of green to brown and crisp blue skies whilst walking. 2015 has taken me by surprise – we have gone directly (via a couple of named storms) to scraping frozen windscreens and visible morning breath!

As we scramble to bleed our radiators and try to remember where the sledge is in the garage (or is it the shed?) our thoughts are focused on preparing for winter.

From barbeque to stew, T-shirt to overcoat, air-con to central heating…we react to this change. Like the squirrel gathering his nuts for winter survival, we should also be preparing financially. To ensure we are not taken by surprise financially it is healthy to review at this time of year – and I have managed to not mention Christmas (damn!).

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