The 'Star Treatment' Approach

How Do Northern Star Help?

For investments, we have a very robust investment process, which is based on a thorough research and review philosophy.

We research the whole market to find funds that fit within our bespoke portfolios, that aim to provide good growth potential whilst reducing the overall investment risk.

Wherever possible we aim to use modern technology to make the whole process of managing investment portfolios as tax efficient as possible.

We constantly monitor all the funds recommended, and have a formal review every three months – this process enables our clients to really make the most of every opportunity.

We help you plan and achieve the lifestyle you want.

About You as a Person

We Want to get to Know You


Step 1

Initial Consultation at our expense


Step 2

Finding out about you and your needs


Step 3

Reviewing your existing financial situation


Step 4

Putting plans in place to enable your lifestyle

“I can’t express how easy and accessible Mike has made investing and receiving financial advice. I also need to mention the wider team at Northern Star who have always made me feel welcome and give me the sense my investment was as important to them as it is to me!”

Dave Stark