Retirement with Northern Star

How can we help plan your retirement?

Personally, we do not like ‘Retirement’ as a description of what should be the culmination of your working life – we prefer to refer to it as “Graduating from having to work”.

We are also keen for you to understand that the lifestyle you enjoy during your working life is difficult to replicate (or better) during retirement unless sufficient investment is planned. 

Through talking face to face with you. we can understand your unique situation now and plan for a bespoke ‘graduation’ that will enable your future happiness and financial stability.

We tend also to refer to ‘Pension’ as ‘Lifestyle Funding’ as, to us, the money you build up through investments is all about enabling you to do the things you planned to do upon ‘Graduating from having to work’.

Speak to us today to see how we can help you grow your pensions. Visit our Contact Us page.
"Northern Star are a great company - offering support and sound advice. Leigh is always available and his personable approach is what I like. They always keep me informed and, quite honestly, through their wise investing of my money, have enabled me to keep doing the things I want to - on top of the world!"

Tony Mackrill