About you.

The Star Treatment: “Treat people as you expect to be treated yourself”

We aim to exceed your expectations simply by discussing what is the ideal financial situation for you, your family and/or your business. Analysing your current situation, then having the VISION to plan and implement.

We help you plan and achieve the LIFESTYLE you both want and deserve.

We help two distinct types of customer – The Haves & The Will-HavesWhich are you?

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→ Our approach to the advice we provide is further illustrated by the “The Client Journey” – follow our structured but flexible process.

We always help any customer regardless of where they are in life – we prefer to focus upon where they are going, then work out how we can help them get there.

About You as a Person

We Want to get to Know You


Step 1

Initial Consultation at our expense


Step 2

Finding out about you and your needs


Step 3

Reviewing your existing financial situation


Step 4

Putting plans in place to enable your lifestyle

“Mike has looked after our mortgage long before he joined Northern Star, his advice and expertise helped us pay it off much sooner than we expected to. Recently he has helped me to invest a lump sum of money that has a great sentimental attachment. He dealt with it sensitively during a difficult time. His commitment to ensuring that the type of investments suited my level of risk was very reassuring and I always felt listened to and he was always happy to answer any questions and go over anything I didn’t understand”.

Susan Duckworth