What our clients think about us.
How to enjoy your lifestyle once you have graduated from having to work! Tony has, for a number of years, enjoyed the challenge of high mountain countries. Seen here in the Himalayas, Tony has made the most of his retirement. He comments, “Northern Star are a great company – offering support and sound advice. Leigh is always available and his personable approach is what I like. They always keep me informed and, quite honestly, through their wise investing of my money, have enabled me to keep doing the things I want to – on top of the world!”
Tony Mackrill

In the words of Nike: Just do it! And I did! I talked about my pension…..and my mortgage! And it was nothing at all like going to the dentist! Leigh sorted my pension (sorry Lifestyle funding) and Mike sorted my mortgage. Easy really, and a massive weight off my shoulders: knowing and controlling when, why, what, how and why when it comes to your personal financial situation is key to middle aged happiness!

Kieran Coe

KC Marketing & Design

I met Leigh from Northern Star after a recommendation from a mutual friend when I asked them if they knew a financial advisor that would help someone who didn’t have £100,000 plus to invest. I sat with Leigh and explained that I had not inherited or taken redundancy but needed help planning for the future. Leigh very quickly told me that he worked with the “Will haves”; basically people like me who ran a small business and one day will have the funds available to retire or do other things.

I met with Leigh again on a number of occasions and worked out where I wanted to be and how I was going to get there. A plan was put into place and the journey has started. I would recommend Leigh to anyone needing independent financial advice as not only is he great at his job but also a great person to relate with and that is very important when planning your finances for the future.

Lisa Spann


LD is different in his approach to other IFAs I have done business with in the past. He takes time to get to know you and doesn’t pressure you to make decisions. He offers sound advice and is happy to deal with the minutiae of the client’s affairs with the same cheerful approach that he has to talking about his beloved Spurs.

Terry Bowman