As this pandemic year has made us all tighten our purse-strings the temptation may be to ‘go it alone’ and take on DIY Investing.

Why? To save money? To ‘have a go at it’? Despite some people’s fondness for flat pack furniture and putting together planks of laminate with an allen key – you would not call them professional, experienced, time-served Joiners – would you? Similarly, the expertise gained from being a successful and independent financial advisor cannot be underestimated.The pitfalls of DIY Investing are many – too many to list here, but let’s just focus on one: Self-mis-selling

Your financial advisor knows what investments are suitable for your individual goals – do you? Choosing a fund that has been performing well in the past (from a top 10 music style countdown) has no guarantee that it will perform well in the present or future for you. Please, before embarking on your personal investment crusade, talk to us: we provide tried and trusted advice, bespoke to your individual circumstances. There has been so much uncertainty for you to deal with recently that you owe it to yourself to NDIY (not do it yourself).

Further statistical evidence that speaking to a financial adviser is good for you is provided here by Royal London: