When you have to click on the squares that contain buses or lampposts, does it ever cross your mind that whilst this performs a necessary security task, it also highlights just how little on-line businesses know about us? The regimented approach via online mortgage calculators to ascertain how much money you have yet to pay or how you can switch to a new deal is all very efficient – but, to us, it all seems very cold and impersonal, doesn’t it?

According to Sir Edward Coke, your home is your castle, and we like this as it portrays just how important to your everyday lifestyle your ‘bricks and mortar’ is. That is why we feel that a personal face to face consultation (at our cost) to discuss your individual mortgage requirements is necessary to independently propose the right mortgage deal for you, your family, your lifestyle and your goals.

Come in and have a chat to a human – or you could ‘CAPTCHA’ your mortgage online?

Contact Mike Richmond on mike@northernstarifa.co.uk or 01706 822622

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