Welcome to Northern Star Financial Management Ltd, Providing Professional Financial Advice, Ramsbottom

We are different from normal Independent Financial Advisors (IFA's) - in a good way! Because you are also different from other customers we don't try to sell you products.....


We organise, plan and prepare your financial well-being to suit your lifestyle.

Whether you 'have' funds now or 'will have' in the future, we can help you.


Your financial well-being is constantly under threat from changing legislation, changes to your personal situation and the needs of those dependant on you.

Planning for the future can seem to be difficult and unpredictable.....


That is why you need trusted advice on an on-going basis. The lifestyle you enjoy now may be unsupportable when you retire.

Aim to have Plan B (and Plan C) to ensure you can provide for yourself the lifestyle you want, when you want it.

Northern Star Financial Management Limited

The Star Treatment

"Treat people as you expect to be treated"

We never belittle any customer regardless of where they are in life - we prefer to focus upon where they are going, then work out how we can help them get there.

We help two distinct types of customer - The Haves & The Will-Haves . Which are you?

One of our 'Will Haves' said..

"I met Leigh from Northern Star after a recommendation from a mutual friend when I asked them if they knew a financial advisor that would help someone who didn't have £100,000 plus to invest. I sat with Leigh and explained that I had not inherited or taken redundancy but needed help planning for the future. Leigh very quickly told me that he worked with the “Will haves”; basically, people like me who ran a small business and one day will have the funds available to retire or do other things.

I met with Leigh again on a number of occasions and worked out where I wanted to be and how I was going to get there. A plan was put into place and the journey has started. I would recommend Leigh to anyone needing independent financial advice whether you need pensions advice or lifestyle financial planning. Not only is he great at his job but also a great person to relate with and that is very important when planning your finances for the future."

Lisa Spann, ISSL