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Oct 9, 2014

Good news on Pensions!

George Osborne's recent announcement on Pensions is good news all round!

The Chancellor has recently announced further changes to pensions, taking effect from April next year. The best news is that the 55% tax on an inherited pension fund (which is already being used to provide an income) has been abolished. This may change the way in which pensions are used: rather than a traditional provider of income upon retirement, a pension could become a new tax-efficient savings plan. However, despite its possible negative impact upon annuities and final salary schemes, it is really good news in that it provides flexibility.

Flexibility is the key to having Plan A, Plan B and Plan C for any/all eventualities with your financial situation.  And, as always, trusted advice is critical to getting the most from your investments and achieving the lifestyle you want, when you want.

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