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Apr 20, 2016

Spring clean!

Spring into action: mow your lawn and sort your finances!

Now that the sun appears to be finding its warmth (at last) we open our sheds / garages tentatively to find our mowers…It is now that we realise that everything (suit cases, garden furniture, pots, golf set, etc.) has been thrown in front and we have to reluctantly consider a spring clean.

But what are the ‘triggers’ for spring cleaning our finances? What makes us have a serious look at our wealth well-being?

Is it the constant barrage from on-line re-sellers or announcements of changes to pension legislation?

Whatever it is, here is a very short and non-comprehensive list of financial affairs you may want to ‘titivate’.

  • Inheritance tax – since 2010 the OBR revealed that the number of ‘estates’ affected by IHT has risen from 10,000 to 40,000. Are you sure you and your loved ones will not be affected?
  • Pensions – new legislation seems to come and go like the tide – are you up to date with tax relief and is your lifestyle fund on track?
  • The EU referendum – very much in the news – how will affect your finances?
  • Hatches, matches and despatches – Births, marriages and deaths – have you planned for the expected and the unexpected?
  • Private healthcare insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Business finances

The list goes on – but it should not be depressing – it could be the perfect time to clear your garage AND sort your finances – just think of the satisfaction of striping your lawn AND knowing that when you graduate from having to work, your ideal lifestyle will be funded…

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